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Are you in need of heavy-duty EGR & DPF repairs in Manor, TX? Look no further than 4B Diesel Services! Our team of expert mechanics is dedicated to providing quality, efficient, and affordable repair services for heavy-duty diesel vehicles.

4B Diesel Services’ EGR and DPF Repairs

Your EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) systems play a crucial role in reducing harmful emissions from your vehicle’s diesel engine. However, these components can become clogged or damaged over time, leading to decreased performance and increased emissions. At 4B Diesel Services, we offer comprehensive repairs and maintenance of these important systems for heavy-duty diesel vehicles.

Our team of experienced mechanics is well-versed in the complexities of heavy-duty EGR and DPF systems. We have an arsenal of the latest diagnostic equipment and techniques to identify and resolve any issues your systems may suffer from. Whatever the issue, we have everything to get your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently.

Types of EGR and DPF Repairs

Below are just three types of repairs that our team can carry out to keep your EGR and DPF systems in peak condition:

  1. EGR Valve Replacement: When the EGR valve malfunctions, replacing it is a common repair to restore proper exhaust gas recirculation, ensuring emissions compliance and engine performance.
  2. DPF Cleaning and Regeneration: Regular deep cleaning and forced regeneration of the DPF are vital repairs. These processes remove accumulated soot and particulates, preventing blockages and restoring optimal exhaust flow.
  3. Sensor Replacement: Faulty EGR and DPF sensors can disrupt the system's performance. Replacing these sensors ensures accurate data transmission for effective emissions control and engine management.

Heavy-duty After-treatment Repairs in Manor, TX

If you're experiencing issues with your heavy-duty EGR and DPF systems, it's time to get them fixed. Contact 4B Diesel Services today for expert repairs and maintenance services. Give us a call or visit our website to schedule an appointment now!

Areas We Also Serve For EGR and DPF Repairs in Texas

As well as Manor, TX, we also proudly bring our EGR and DPF repair service to the following surrounding areas: Austin, TX; Round Rock, TX; Pflugerville, TX; Cedar Park, TX; Georgetown, TX; Leander, TX; Taylor, TX; Elgin, TX; Bastrop, TX; Lockhart, TX; Kyle, TX; Buda, TX; San Marcos, TX; Hutto, TX.

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Heavy-Duty Truck Repair Services

4B Diesel Services is your go-to destination for all heavy-duty diesel truck repair needs. Located just outside Austin, TX in Manor, our truck repair shop is equipped with the latest tools & tech to handle any repair you bring our way. From brakes and axles, to transmissions & diesel engines, trust 4B Diesel Services to get you back on the road.

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Customer testimonials

"I'd breakdown out of my way just to come back here. Got me right in. Fair price. Good people." - Mike Miles
"Best shop in the manor/plufgerville area. The have my business and trust when it comes to my RIG! As an owner op they made my repairs stress free. Even repaired something minor on the house. Nick is the MAN!!"
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"They saved our butts!  Passing through town in a Kenworth T680 and had a differential fail. I called nine different shops. They were the only ones that could work on without a wait of a couple days. Professional, reasonable and fixed it properly. Everything I needed"
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"The entire staff was extremely helpful and very customer service oriented.  They replaced my alternator on a Friday afternoon  in a few hours. I highly recommend their service.  Outstanding!!"
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